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Milk Matters with Buddy Brush

Note to Parents

cover of Milk Matters

Milk and other dairy products give kids the calcium they need for growth and development.* Kids ages 4 to 8 need 800 milligrams of calcium each day. At the end of this page, you will find a list of foods that are high in calcium and that can be an excellent part of a healthy diet.

In addition to getting calcium, it is important for kids to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day to help protect their teeth from cavities.

This information is also available as a coloring book for children ages 4 to 8 that follows Buddy Brush as he explains why calcium is critical not only to good health, but also to healthy teeth.

*Children ages 1 to 2 should drink whole milk. When children are between ages 2 and 5, parents should gradually switch children to low-fat or fat-free (skim) milk.

Have you met Buddy Brush?
His job is to make sure kids take good care of their teeth.

Two children brushing teeth

It makes Buddy feel good when kids brush their teeth after every meal.

Buddy Brush smiles as he sees children drinking milk

Buddy beams when children drink milk. Milk helps keep kids' teeth and bones strong.

A smiling glass of milk

Milk matters! That's because milk has calcium, a nutrient that helps your body build strong teeth and bones.

Boy considers drinking milk over soda

Did you say you'd rather have a soda than a glass of milk with your meal? Look out!

Buddy Brush bristles thinking of children choosing soda instead of milk

The thought of kids drinking sodas instead of milk makes Buddy bristle! Sodas don't have calcium - and the sugar in them can lead to tooth decay.

The sun is smiling as he peeps through the window and sees 3 glasses of milk.

You can help Buddy keep his cool. Make sure you get enough calcium every day. For kids ages 4 to 8, that means 3 cups of milk a day.

Girl and boy wearing pajamas and brushing their teeth.

After you drink your milk, make sure you brush your teeth before you head to bed.

Buddy Brush smiling with entire family standing behind him.

Buddy Brush bets that your teeth will last a lifetime!


You can get calcium from these foods:

Chart of foods with calcium with pictures of a cow, yogurt, orange and glass of orange juice, cheese pizza, low-fat or fat free cheddar cheese, macaroni and cheese and broccoli.


A cow

Milk Matters.

This information is not copyrighted. Print and make as many photocopies as you need.

July 2012

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