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Chapter 6 Resources

Healthy Vermonters 2000 Report Card

Goal Met

  • Develop statewide violence prevention group
  • Enact clean indoor air act
  • Improve hospital protocols
  • Increase flu shots (adults 65+)
  • Increase mammograms (women 50+)
  • Increase Pap tests (women 18+)
  • Increase physician counseling - cancer screening
  • Increase recycling
  • Increase safe drinking water
  • Increase schools teaching conflict resolution
  • Reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths
  • Reduce child abuse
  • Reduce head injuries
  • Reduce infant mortality
  • Reduce lead poisoning
  • Reduce spinal cord injuries

Baseline Data from one-time survey

  • Physician counseling - alcohol/drugs
  • Physician counseling - blood pressure
  • Physician counseling - HIV/STDs
  • Physician counseling - immunizations
  • Physician counseling - smoking
  • Physician counseling/referral - STDs
  • Reduce college binge drinking

Progress Made

  • Increase servings of fruits, vegetables & legumes
  • Increase action to control overweight
  • Increase early prenatal care
  • Increase exercise (adults 18+)
  • Increase immunization
  • Expand immunization laws
  • Increase mammograms (women 40+)
  • Increase radon testing
  • Increase safety belt use
  • Increase schools teaching HIV prevention
  • Increase schools teaching STD prevention
  • Increase youth condom use
  • Reduce binge drinking (HS seniors)
  • Reduce heart disease deaths
  • Reduce residential fire deaths
  • Reduce stroke deaths
  • Reduce suicide
  • Reduce worker injuries
  • Reduce youth alcohol use
  • Reduce youth smoking

Data Not Available

  • Control high blood pressure
  • Increase servings of grains
  • Increase Hepatitis B immunization
  • Increase injection drug prevention
  • Increase injection drug treatment
  • Increase primary care for kids
  • Increase worksite alcohol policies
  • Increase worksite health policies
  • Increase worksite seat belt mandates

No Progress Made

  • Reduce adult overweight
  • Reduce adult smoking
  • Reduce low birth weight
  • Reduce smoking during pregnancy
  • Reduce youth cocaine use
  • Reduce youth marijuana use

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