213th Meeting: September 2016


Tuesday, September 20, 2016 (Meeting 213). Open to the Public. (NIH Visitor Information
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Time Title Speaker
8:30 AM Welcome and Introductions Dr. Martha Somerman
​8:40 AM ​Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting Dr. Alicia Dombroski
8:45 AM ​Report of the Director, NIDCR Dr. Martha Somerman​
9:10 AM ​​Concept Clearance: Oral Prophylactic HIV Vaccine-Induced Humoral Immunity and HIV Specific B Cell Ontogeny Dr. Sundar Venkatachalam​
9:20 AM ​​​Concept Clearance: Oral HIV Pathogenesis, Mucosal Immunity, and Prophylactic Vaccine Modulation by the Oral Microbiome ​​Dr. Dwayne Lunsford​
9:30 AM ​​Concept Clearance: ​Neuroskeletal Biology of the Dental and Craniofacial Skeletal System ​Dr. Jason Wan
​9:40 AM ​​Concept Clearance: Dentist PhD/Dental Specialty Program Dr. Lynn King
9:50 AM Break  
10:05 AM ​Special Session on Factors Underlying Differences in Female and Male Presentation of Specific Diseases and Conditions​ ​Dr. Janine Clayton
NIH, Office of Research on Women’s Health
​10:35 AM ​NIDCR Research ​Dr. Amanda Melillo
​10:50 AM ​Female Preponderant Autoimmune Disorders: More than just a matter of immunity Dr. Umesh Deshmukh
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
11:20 AM Differences by sex and race in the oral HPV continuum (infection to cancer) ​​Dr. Gypsyamber D’Souza
Johns Hopkins University
11:50 AM Sex Differences in the Cellular Mediation of Pain ​​Dr. Jeffrey S. Mogil
McGill University
12:20 PM ​Adjournment of Open Session and Lunch


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Director's Report to Council 

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Concept Clearances

Meeting Minutes

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