Sample Application Number

Illustration of the makeup of an application number.



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The application number identifies:

  • type of application (1)
  • activity code (R01)
  • organization to which it is assigned (DE)
  • serial number assigned by the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) (183321),
  • suffix showing the support year for the grant (-01)
  • other information identifying a supplement (S1), amendment (A1), or a fellowship's institutional allowance. For contracts, the suffix is replaced by a modification number.

    Sample Application Identification Number 1 R01 DE 183321 -01 A1 S1
Application Types
Type l New
Type 2 Competing continuation (a.k.a. renewal, re-competing)
Type 3 Application for additional (supplemental) support
Type 4 Competing extension for an R37 award or first non competing year of a Fast Track SBIR/STTR award
Type 5 Non-competing continuation
Type 7 Change of grantee institution
Type 9 Change of NIH awarding Institute or Division (competing continuation)


Amended - See Resubmission
Contract types - See Contract Transaction Types


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