Translational Genomics Research Branch

The Translational Genomics Research Branch, part of the NIDCR’s Division of Extramural Research, coordinates basic and translational genomics research. Branch staff develop, coordinate, and implement an overall agenda for research in genetics and genomics; craniofacial developmental biology; data science, computational biology and bioinformatics; and act as liaisons for the NIDCR extramural research community.

Branch staff also provide scientific expertise in identifying extramural opportunities to expand the design, development, and application of emerging technology related to human and microbial genetics and genomics.

Grant programs under the Translational Genomics Research Branch include:


NIDCR Workshop: Gene-Environment Interactions in Orofacial Clefting Meeting Summary


Lu Wang, PhD
Chief, Translational Genomics Research Branch

(301) 594-4846


Last Reviewed
July 2018