Dental Public Health Research Fellowship Program Statement of Vision, Mission, Goal, and Objectives

The Dental Public Health Research Fellowship Program brings to life the vision of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research: to transform human lives through scientific discoveries and innovations that advance dental, oral, and craniofacial (DOC) health and overall well-being for all.

The fellowship program’s mission is to accomplish transformation by offering exceptional research-focused training in DOC health research and population health.

The fellowship program’s goal is to facilitate commitment to scholarship and research, critical thinking, and life-long learning in the discipline of DOC health. We will attain our goal by implementing the following objectives:

  • Customize learning experiences with trainee-created training plans that will satisfactorily address the ABDPH competencies and their own research interests;
  • Prioritize equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility as we foster the next generation of DOC public health researchers;
  • Prepare trainees for successful examination and certification by the American Board of Dental Public Health;
  • Facilitate mastery of the methods of scientific inquiry and research from hypothesis generation to knowledge dissemination;
  • Enhance engagement in research in disciplines and topics relevant to oral health;
  • Offer trainees a chance to drive their own research, while providing access to exceptional NIH mentors, potential for productive collaborations, and a multitude of other available resources;
  • Ground trainee experiences in the reality of working within systems of governance, including public policy and public funding of health programs and research.
Last Reviewed
September 2021