Clinical Research & Clinical Technologies Program

Clinical Research & Clinical Technologies

The Clinical Research and Clinical Technologies Program supports research aimed at:

  • Developing and testing the safety, efficacy, and/or effectiveness of measures or materials for diagnosing, preventing, or treating dental, oral, and craniofacial conditions and disorders.
  • Using existing biological structures in the oral cavity as a delivery system for local and systemic treatment.
  • Developing oral devices and materials for monitoring local and systemic conditions.
  • Developing oral health related precision medicine approaches.
  • Developing methods and tools to detect soft and hard tissue conditions in the oral cavity.

The Clinical Research & Clinical Technologies Program supports basic, translational, and clinical research studies. Research that might be supported includes, but is not limited to:

  • Studies that assess the clinical utility of diagnostic imaging devices for dental caries, periodontal disease, cracked teeth and pulp vitality.
  • Studies that accelerate the clinical implementation of diagnostic imaging devices proven to be superior to existing methods.
  • Studies for development of specific and sensitive imaging devices for early diagnosis of medical conditions in the head and neck.
  • Studies to evaluate performance of new and current theranostics (diagnostic-therapeutic) devices for oral and craniofacial diseases and disorders.
  • Studies of non-invasive and minimally-invasive technologies for diagnosis or treatment of oral and craniofacial diseases and disorders.
  • Clinical oral health research that implements precision medicine.
Last Reviewed
July 2018