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Archive: Practice-Based Research Network

The Role of Practitioners in the New National Dental Practice-Based Research Network

What Are Dentists Saying About Their Participation in the PBRNs?

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Full-time private practice of general dentistry
HealthPartners Riverside Clinic
Participant in Dental Practice-Based Research Network (DPBRN) External Web Site Policy

I have been involved as a co-author on three manuscripts that have reported results from certain DPBRN studies. When contemplating the results and contributing to the discussion, I start to take inventory of my current practice patterns.

Recently I was involved in a manuscript that will report on the use of rubber dam by DPBRN dentists during root canal treatment. My practice pattern was to use it for all posterior teeth, but not all anterior teeth. I have changed that pattern as a result of my involvement. I met with my dental assistants to inform them of this change in my clinical practice. I also discussed these results with the other dentists in our clinic. One dentist, a 2008 graduate of the University of Minnesota, reported that she was taught that if you cannot place a rubber dam, the patient should be referred to an endodontist or an extraction should be considered. I can report that our clinic has used results from this DPBRN study and made changes that will improve the quality and safety of the care that we deliver to our patients. I can attest to the fact that DPBRN participation has changed the way that I practice, and my patients benefit from this!

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Unless I was participating in PEARL 0707, I would have not noticed a trend with the 40 patients I was able to enroll. The parameters of the study stipulated that the abfraction lesion needed to be on a virgin tooth or one that had an intact Class I restoration. When compiling my data, I noticed that at 6 months we had 100% success rate in retaining both the sealants and the filling material. Now, when I treatment plan a patient, this gives me more assurance that my suggestions will work. Without PEARL, I know that I would not possess this first-hand information- I believe it makes me a better dentist!”

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As my career developed, I began to seriously wonder at the end of the day if I actually improved the health of my patients. When I reviewed the research I realized that in fact some of my most basic questions related to caring for patients could not satisfactorily be answered. Involvement in practice-based research has allowed me to ask and begin to answer clinical questions that actually matter to me and my patients. Additionally, conducting research in my own practice has helped me implement change in my practice at a much quicker rate. The results that I have been involved in producing just mean so much more to me now!"

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