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Jana Ikeda, D.D.S., Boulder, CO

Jane Ikeda, D.D.S.How has your PBRN experience benefitted you professionally?

I think the most salient benefit has been the collegial interactions with the other PBRN practitioners. I’ve been exposed to dentists who, I think, best exemplify the profession and its future. I’ve been a dentist now for almost 15 years, and I’ve found their commitment to improve oral health truly inspiring.

How do you mean “inspiring”?

Well, I’ve never been a dentist who is in it for the money. That’s not why I went to dental school. To join a PBRN and engage in heartfelt discussions about how to best build the evidence base for our patients and colleagues, it’s just inspiring. These interactions motivate me to continue to learn and grow professionally.

How have your patients reacted to your involvement in research?

Positively. It may be because I practice in Boulder, which demographically is a highly educated, university town. But my patients have been more than willing to help out and participate in the studies. I have a fairly small practice. I’m the only practitioner, and I have one chair-side assistant, one hygienist, and a business coordinator. Incorporating the PBRN studies wasn’t all that difficult. It was a little time consuming at first, but I must say that my dental assistant has been really good about doing the paperwork, data entry, and all of those things. I don’t participate in the network to receive reimbursement. So we’ve agreed that she gets half of any reimbursement to cover her additional work and time. That’s been a good incentive. As for the patients in the studies, it does take a little bit of planning. If a participant is coming into the office, we simply add a few minutes to the consultation or see if anything can be overlapped at the beginning of the appointment while they fill out paperwork. So I would say it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Jana Ikeda, D.D.S.
Boulder, CO

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This page last updated: February 26, 2014