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Analia Keenan, D.D.S., Brooklyn, NY

Analia Keenan, D.D.S.How has your PBRN experience benefitted you professionally?

I should mention first that I’m not only a practitioner, I also teach at NYU College of Dentistry. So speaking strictly as a practitioner, I’d say that doing research in my office has helped me understand the scientific process and better interpret data. I also think the PBRN research is inherently more powerful than work performed under controlled laboratory settings. Our work is done in the real world on real patients. There are no idealized standard models here in Brooklyn. The other thing is dentists are interested in how other practitioners perform various procedures, the materials used, the factors that they control for. You can’t get those answers in a laboratory. You need a PBRN.

How long have you been a dentist?

For more than 20 years.

What would you advise a younger dentist about joining a PBRN?

Funny you should ask. I teach the third-and fourth-year dental students at NYU, and I’m constantly telling them how important PBRN participation will be for them. They read the literature now. But, as private practitioners, they will want better answers to the many open-ended questions that face them in dentistry. Those answers won’t come from the manufacturers or the latest technology on the market. The answers must come from private practitioners working together for the betterment of the profession. At NYU, there is a phrase that we like to use: We create sophisticated consumers of research. These third-year dental students have a capacity for critical thinking now. I advise them not to let it lapse in private practice. Life-long learning is the key, and the PBRNs are a perfect mechanism to enable that professional growth.

Analia Keenan, D.D.S.
Bay Dental PC
Brooklyn, NY

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This page last updated: February 26, 2014