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Howard Spielman, D.D.S., Plainsboro, NJ

Howard Spielman, D.D.S.How has your PBRN experience benefitted you professionally?

The PBRN experience has been rewarding in every way. It has benefitted me, my staff, and my patients. What’s more, we did it all for the greater good of the profession. That speaks volumes.

You just mentioned “the greater good of the profession.” Why is that so important to you?

Well, dentistry is changing so rapidly. There are hundreds of new products and technologies on the market, and it’s tough to know all that’s out there and gauge what works best. After all, the best product is usually the one that works best in your own hands. That’s where the PBRN comes in. You participate in the studies and realize just how common certain conditions are in dental practices across the board. When the studies are completed, you sit down with your colleagues and sort out the diagnostic and treatment variables. It’s truly empowering to compare notes with other dentists, not company reps. So, when I go back to my practice and a patient tells me, “I’ve had no tooth sensitivity with this treatment” – and 50 dentists in the PBRN already have heard the same thing from their patients – I’m sure that I’m providing the most optimal care.

You have been a dentist for 37 years and now practice with an associate. You have an office staff of eleven. How difficult has it been to integrate the PBRN studies into your practice?

On a real busy day, it can be a little challenging to work in study participants. But you just do it. It’s for the greater good, and everyone in the office is onboard.

What do you mean?

The PBRN studies have been real good for my staff. They enjoy the challenge of coordinating the studies and always make a real team effort to accomplish our goals. For the patients, on top of being compensated for their time, they’ve told me they are happy to participate and have an opportunity to help improve dental care for others. In all honesty, we usually have 100 percent participation.

So you would recommend participating in the PBRN?

Oh absolutely. Why would you not want to give back to the profession?

Howard Spielman, D.D.S.
Plainsboro, NJ

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This page last updated: February 26, 2014