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Brad Strober, D.M.D., Edison, NJ

Brad Strober, D.M.D.How did joining the PBRN benefit you professionally?

In a number of ways, starting with I just feel good doing the research and helping the profession. Being a guy who is in the office treating patients every day, I now feel like the research is real. A lot of times, dentists assume that the research is performed under conditions that are too artificial or ideal. Now I know how the scientific process works. From a staff and patient perspective, my experience is they view the PBRN participation positively. They see that Dr. Strober is doing research for New York University and the National Institutes of Health, and that’s a good thing. It reflects well on my practice.

What would you tell a dentist who was thinking about joining a PBRN?

Do it. As I mentioned, I found it particularly satisfying and rewarding. The PBRN provides reimbursement to practitioners, and you can take part in studies at your own discretion. There is no quota on the number of patients that you must see or the time that you must spend each week as a PBRN investigator. In other words, it’s not an inconvenience; you can take part at your own professional convenience. The PBRNs are really nice in that respect.

Was it difficult to integrate the studies into your practice?

Well, the first few patients in each study are difficult until you get the system down and the staff settles into a rhythm. I think participation in a PBRN does require a very good staff to do the paperwork and coordinate visits to make the best use of the doctor’s time. So yes, it can present some challenges. But in my case, I have a large office with a lot of chairs. There’s always an extra chair that enables us to have the patient do the paperwork in that room, while I’m working in another one. If you have a smaller practice with one or two chairs, it could be more of an organizational challenge. But if you can do it, my experience was PBRN participation was definitely a great thing to incorporate into the practice. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Brad Strober, D.M.D.
Gentle Dental Care, LLC
Edison, NJ

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This page last updated: February 26, 2014