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Questions & Answers: The Role of Practitioners in the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network

General Questions

1.   Question:  How will the move to a National Dental Practice-Based Research Network (NDPBRN) impact my role as a current dental PBRN practitioner-investigator?

Answer:   You should experience little impact on your role as a practitioner-investigator in the newly constituted National Dental PBRN.  The NIDCR National Dental PBRN will comprise regional hubs, the majority of which will be academic centers, and practitioner-investigators will be affiliated with a regional hub.


2.   Question:  What are the advantages of moving toward a National Dental PBRN?

Answer:  The NIDCR National Dental PBRN will comprise practitioners from solo and group private practices, community clinics, the Federal Dental Services, health maintenance organizations, and other diverse practice venues.  A National Dental PBRN will enable you to engage in studies with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and who serve a broader spectrum of patients than is currently possible.  Study results are expected to be more generalizable to the public at large with the potential for even more robust statistical power than is currently attainable due to the increased numbers of practitioners and patients enrolled in studies.

3.   Question:  What are some other advantages of a National Dental PBRN?

Answer:  The NIDCR National Dental PBRN will be supported by a single data coordinating center, which will greatly facilitate the conduct of large national studies.  In addition, systems will be in place that will likely have the capacity to track study patients regardless of whether or not they remain with your practice.  This is expected to reduce the numbers of patients who are lost to follow up and should reduce the recall burden on your office staff for those patients who leave your practice while enrolled in a study.

4.  Question:  Will practitioners be required to undergo additional training to participate in the National Dental PBRN?

Answer:  It is not anticipated that currently engaged dental practitioners will be required to complete additional basic clinical research training in order to participate in the NIDCR National Dental PBRN.  Of course new practitioners joining the NIDCR National Dental PBRN will undergo training similar to that experienced by practitioners currently engaged with a PBRN.

5.   Question:   How will my staff and I receive training for particular studies that we agreed to engage in?

Answer:   Study-specific training will most likely continue to be provided by regional Clinical Research Coordinators.  However, for certain national studies of limited complexity, staff training may be conducted using other media or venues.

6.   Question:   How will my staff and I be compensated for participation in National Dental PBRN studies?

Answer:   The NIDCR National Dental PBRN will incorporate a robust and timely reimbursement process for practitioners, office staff, and patients engaged in PBRN studies to assure prompt and appropriate compensation for research study engagement.


7.   Question:  Will I still have the opportunity to attend PBRN meetings in my region or will all future meetings be national?

Answer:   Practitioners have clearly expressed their wishes to participate in a National Dental PBRN that continues to recognize the importance of a regional affiliation. Hence, it is anticipated that regional PBRN conferences will continue to be a necessary and important component of the NIDCR National Dental PBRN.

8.   Question:  What kinds of educational opportunities are the NIDCR National Dental PBRN likely to afford practitioners?

Answer:  In addition to the continuing educational opportunities currently afforded to practitioners at annual meetings, it is likely that opportunities for continuing education of a broader scope and variety using a spectrum of media and venues will be available to practitioners and office staff enrolled in the National Dental PBRN.

9.   Question:  Will practitioners continue to have a meaningful role in the governance of the National Dental PBRN, both at the regional and national levels?

Answer:  It is anticipated that practitioners will continue to have a substantive role in the governance of the NIDCR National Dental PBRN and its regional constituencies.



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This page last updated: February 26, 2014