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Peter D. Burbelo, Ph.D.

Schematic of antibodies
Staff Scientist
Neurobiology and Pain Therapeutics Section


Phone: (301) 402-0778
Fax: (301) 402-0667

Research Interests/Scientific Focus

We have developed a novel antibody profiling technology, Luciferase Immunoprecipitation Systems (LIPS), which harnesses light-emitting recombinant proteins for quantitatively measuring antibody responses to any antigenic target. The simplicity of LIPS enables us to quickly clone and test antigenic targets making the technology an ideal system to uncover new disease biomarkers for infection, autoimmunity, cancer, and other conditions.  My primary interest is applying LIPS in three clinical areas: understanding humoral responses to human pathogens, improving autoimmune diagnosis and prediction, and developing a generalized disease surveillance technology.  One productive area has been to use LIPS to identify antibody responses against known and emerging infectious agents for determining their potential causative roles in human disease.  Quantitative measurement of patient humoral responses by LIPS against these pathogens provides objective information for diagnosis, monitoring of illnesses and possible treatment selection.  In addition to infectious agents, we have developed robust tests for detecting antibodies to human autoantigens associated with many different autoimmune and other conditions. These profiles are useful for diagnosis, management and even disease prediction.  For example, in Sjögren’s syndrome, we identified patterns of autoantibodies associated with neurological, thyroid and gastric complications. The long-term goal of this research is to develop antibody biomarkers for a spectrum of human diseases and infections that could be incorporated into an inexpensive and comprehensive disease surveillance technology.

Recent Publications

Burbelo, P.D., Lebovitz, E.E., Bren, K.E., Bayat, A., Paviol, S., Wenzlau, J.M., Barriga, K.J., Rewers, M., Harlan, D.M, and Iadarola, M.J.  Extrapancreatic autoantibody profiles in Type I Diabetes. PLoS One 7(9): e45216, 2012.

Browne, S.K., Burbelo, P.D., Chetchotisakd, P., Suputtamongkol, Y., Kiertiburanakul, S., Shaw, P. A., Kirk, J.L., Jutivorakool, K., Zaman, R., Ding, L., et al.  Adult-onset immunodeficiency in Thailand and Taiwan.  New England Journal of Medicine, 367(8):725-734, 2012.

Burbelo, P.D., Kovacs, K.A., Wagner, J., Bayat, A., Rhodes, C., De Souza, Y., Greenspan, J. S., and Iadarola, M.J.  The cancer-associated virus landscape in HIV patients with Oral Hairy Leukoplakia, Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.   AIDS Research and Treatment, AIDS Research and Treatment, 2012: 634523, 2012.

Burbelo, P.D., Dubovi, E.J.,  Simmonds, P., Medina, J.L., Henriquez, J.A., Mishra, N., Wagner, J., Tokarz, R., Dhole, T, Jones, M.S., Cullen, J.M.,  Iadarola, M.J., Rice, C,M., Lipkin, W.I. and Kapoor, A.  Serology enabled discovery of genetically diverse Hepaciviruses in a new host.  J. of Virology, 86: 6171-6178, 2012.

Ching, K.H., Burbelo, P.D., Tipton, C., Wei, C., Petri, M., Sanz, I. and Iadarola, M.J.   Two major autoantibody clusters in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.  PLoS ONE 7(2): e32001, 2012.

Burbelo, P.D., Ching, K.H., Esper, F., Iadarola, M.J., Delwart, E., Lipkin, W. I., and Kapoor, A.  Serological studies confirm novel Astrovirus HMOAstV-C as a highly prevalent human Infectious agent.  PLoS One 6 (8): e22576, 2011. 

Burbelo, P.D., Bren, K.E., Ching, K.H., Gogineni, E.S., Kottilil, S., Cohen, J.I., Kovacs, J.A., and Iadarola, M.J.  LIPS arrays for simultaneous detection of antibodies against partial and whole proteomes of HCV, HIV and EBV.  Molecular Biosystems 7(5): 1453-1462, 2011.

Ching, K.H., Burbelo, P.D., Gonzalez-Begne, M., Roberts, M.E.P., Coca, A., Sanz, I. and Iadarola, M.J. Salivary Ro60 and Ro52 antibody profiles to diagnose Sjögren’s Syndrome.  Journal of Dental Research 90: 445-449, 2011.

Burbelo, P.D., Browne, S. K., Sampaio, E.P., Giaccone, G., Zaman, R., Kristostuyan, E., Rajan, A., Ding L., Ching, K.H., Berman, A., Oliveira, J.B.,  Hsu, A. P., Klimavicz, C.M., Iadarola, M.J. and Holland, S.M.  Anti-cytokine autoantibodies are associated with opportunistic infection in thymic neoplasia.  Blood 2; 116(23):4848-58, 2010.

Burbelo, P.D., Seam, N., Groot, S., Ching, K.H., Han, B.L., Meduri, G.U., Iadarola, M.J., and Suffredini, A.F.   Rapid induction of autoantibodies during ARDS and Septic shock. J. of Translational Medicine 8: 97, 2010.

Burbelo, P.D., Kovacs, J.A., Ching, K.H., Issa, A.T., Iadarola, M.J., Schlaak, J., Masur, H., Polis, M.A. and Kottilil, S.  Proteome-wide anti-HCV and anti-HIV antibody profiling for predicting and monitoring response to HCV treatment in HIV co-infected patients.  J.  Infectious Diseases 202 (6): 894-898, 2010.

Burbelo, P.D., Issa, A.T., Ching, K.H., Cohen, J.I., Iadarola, M.J., and Marques, A.  Simple, quantitative, and highly sensitive antibody detection for Lyme disease. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 17: 904-909, 2010.

Burbelo, P.D., Issa, A.T., Ching, K.H., Wyvill, K., Little, R.F., Iadarola, M.J., Kovacs, J.A., and Yarchoan, R. Distinct profiles of antibodies to Kaposi Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus antigens in Kaposi Sarcoma, Multicentric Castlemen’s Disease and Primary effusion lymphoma.

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