Abner Notkins, MD

Abner Notkins, M.D.

Senior Investigator
Experimental Medicine Section 

Building 30 Room 106
30 Convent Dr, MSC 4352
Bethesda, MD 20892-4352
United States

(301) 496-4535
Research Interests

Dr. Abner Notkins studies the properties and function of IA-2 and IA-2ß, which are primary autoantigens found in type 1 diabetes. Autoantibodies to these proteins are present years before the development of diabetes and are used as predictive markers. These are trans-membrane proteins of dense core vesicles and are involved in the secretion of insulin and a variety of other hormones. Dr. Notkins is characterizing the effect of these proteins on secretion and behavior by using knock-out models of the genes that encode these proteins and associated microRNAs. Dr. Notkins also studies polyreactive antibodies, which represent about 20% of the antibodies in the adult antibody repertoire, and which can bind to a variety of structurally unrelated self- and non-self antigens, such as damaged cells, bacteria, and viruses. Current research studies the role of polyreactive antibodies in defending against, and allowing the development of, diseases such as leukemia and lupus.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Notkins received a BA from Yale University and an MD from New York University Medical School. His internship and residency in internal medicine were at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. At NIDCR, Dr. Notkins has been chief of the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine and the scientific director of the Institute. He has received the Distinguished Service Medal in1981, the 1986 Paul Ehrlich Prize in Frankfurt, Germany, the 1989 Solomon Berson Award in basic science from New York University Medical School, and an honorary doctorate from the University of Athens, Greece.

Selected Publications
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February 2018