Robert Angerer, PhD

Robert Angerer, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, NIDCR

Building 30 Room 131
30 Convent Dr MSC 4326
Bethesda, MD 20892-4326
United States

(301) 496-1483
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Dr. Robert Angerer is the scientific director of NIDCR, a position he has held since joining the Institute in 2004.

As an intramural investigator at NIDCR, Dr. Angerer has explored sea urchin embryo development to gain insight into transcriptional factors and signaling pathways controlling ectoderm development. Prior to joining NIDCR, Dr. Angerer was a professor in the departments of biology and pediatrics in hematology and oncology at the University of Rochester for 26 years. There, he taught biology and conducted research on specification of cell fates in early sea urchin embryos. At the California Institute of Technology, he completed postdoctoral work on comparative DNA sequence organization and evolution, as well as the use of cloning techniques to search for maternal transcripts in sea urchin embryos. He received a PhD in biology from Johns Hopkins University.

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February 2018