Office of the Director

The Office of the Director is responsible for the overall scientific direction, policy development, program review, and administrative management of the Institute. Staff coordinates initiatives across the Institute, as well as with the advisory committees and government, public and private organizations. The Office of the Director serves to integrate research planning and budget development, research accomplishments and science transfer, program evaluation and internal quality controls, human resource management and training and career development programs, health education information development, communications and information dissemination, and policy development. This office also is responsible for providing the infrastructure to evaluate the progress made by the Institute's investigators and programs and to direct the Institute to address emerging health problems.

The Director, Deputy, and Directors of the Office of Administrative Management, the Office of Communications and Health Education, and the Office of Science Policy and Analysis provide the leadership for these diverse and complementary activities. In doing so, they facilitate and depend upon close working relationships with NIH staff and with the leadership in other organizations in the United States and throughout the world. Staff continually evaluates ongoing programs, establishes priorities, and seizes opportunities to enhance the nation's oral health through research and related activities to promote oral, dental and craniofacial health.