NIDCR News 2019

By studying the mechanisms that govern immune tolerance, NIDCR’s Wanjun Chen aims to develop therapies that could block self-destructive immune responses in people who have autoimmune diseases.
NIDCR-supported researchers found pain-related clinical measures predicted development of chronic TMD.
NIDCR researcher Dr. Laura Kerosuo studies how a short-lived clump of cells within the neural crest shapes development.
Your mouth is home to about 700 species of germs, like bacteria, fungus, and more. NIDCR-supported scientists study how some microbes maybe helpful, while others may harm our health.
Regenerative medicine researchers can envision a not-too-distant future when stem cells help to treat periodontal disease, broken jaws, craniofacial defects, and more.
Older adults are keeping more of their natural teeth than in previous decades, and complete tooth loss continues to decline, according to an analysis by NIDCR scientists.

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