R01 Applications by Percentile Score

NIDCR supports a varied range of programs and grant mechanisms and is committed to funding as many meritorious projects as possible, while allowing the flexibility needed to support selected program priorities and respond to emerging scientific opportunities.

Submitted applications undergo
peer review and all receive a priority score, which is a measure of scientific and technical merit. Most priority scores are converted to a percentile score. R01 applications are funded based on merit, new and emerging scientific opportunities, Institute priorities, and other relevant factors, such as our commitment to support early and new stage investigators. Based on recommendations by NIDCR staff and the concurrence of the National Advisory Dental and Craniofacial Council, a subset of R01 applications are converted into R37 Method to Extend Research in Time (MERIT) awards or R56 high-priority, short-term awards.


Number of funded and unfunded R01 applications (FY15-17)
Figure 1: Award status for all competing NIDCR R01 applications in Fiscal Years 2015-2017.


Percentage of funded R01 applications by percentile score (FY15-17)
Figure 2: Percentage of competing NIDCR R01 applications that were funded between Fiscal Years 2015-2017.


Percent of R01 Applications Funded (FY15-17)
Percentile Score   Awarded as R01 or R37     Awarded as R56   Awarded total 
1 - 10 100%   0.0% 100%
11 - 20 60.9%   7.8% 68.7%
21 - 30 7.9%   8.6% 16.5%
31 - 40 0.0%   4.7% 4.7%
41 - 50 0.0%   0.7% 0.7%


Last Reviewed
July 2018