Funding Policy

NIDCR FY 2018 Funding Policy

NIDCR’s Financial Management Plan is the Institute’s goal to provide stable levels of support for high quality scientific research. NIDCR is operating under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, FY 2018 signed by the President on March 23, 2018. Based on this Act, non-competing continuation grants (research and non-research) will generally be funded at the commitment level indicated on the Notice of Award. Most out-year commitments for continuation awards in FY 2018 and beyond will remain unchanged.

The NIDCR will continue to provide individual consideration to all competing applications. For all competing R01 applications selected for funding, the NIDCR will reduce applications by 5 percent below the peer review recommended level of support. As the year progresses, the Institute adjusts its plans to take into account the scientific merit of applications as reflected in the scores assigned during peer review, new scientific opportunities, changes in the projected number of applications, projected award costs, and other relevant factors.

Last Reviewed
July 2018