NIDCR R13 Conference Grant Application Procedures

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To support scientific conferences including: symposiums, seminars, workshops, or other organized formal meetings, in areas relevant to the mission of NIDCR. NIDCR support of conferences and workshops is typically limited to a maximum of $30,000 per meeting, but the actual award will be contingent upon availability of funds, programmatic priorities and recommendations by peer review and program staff. Secondary support of a conference, of up to $3,000, may be requested if another Institute or Center at NIH has agreed to provide primary support.

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Areas of Interest

NIDCR gives priority to applications that:

  • support meetings representing new areas of research, highlighting applications of novel approaches to achieving research goals, and are open to participation by the general scientific community, particularly junior investigators, students, and postdoctoral fellows
  • provide funds to graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, and junior faculty members to attend
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Eligibility is limited to domestic institutions and organizations, including established scientific or professional societies.
This program supports both domestic and international conferences; however, an international conference can be supported only through the U.S. representative organization of an established international scientific or professional society.

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Application Procedures

  1. Contact the NIDCR Program Official in the scientific area of the proposed conference to discuss the suitability of the potential R13 application for NIDCR support.
  2. Submit an R13 Request Form [PDF] seeking approval to submit an application at least six weeks before the application receipt date. This applies to both new and resubmitted applications. The request should be sent to Dr. Alicia Dombroski, Director of the Division of Extramural Activities at NIDCR. If accepted, NIDCR will send an Advance Permission letter to the Applicant via email (Please note that NIDCR’s agreement to accept an application does not guarantee funding).
  3. At the time of application submission, a copy of the Advance Permission letter must be included as part of the cover letter component. Conference grant applications must be submitted electronically through Refer to the current funding opportunity announcement for application submission information.
  4. It is recommended that applicants utilize a receipt date at least seven months prior to the conference.
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Receipt Dates


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Additional Information

For important information on the conference grant (R13) mechanism, prospective applicants should review:


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Dr. Alicia Dombroski, Director
Division of Extramural Activities
Tel. (301) 594-4805


Grants Management:

Dede Rutberg, Chief
Grants Management Branch
Tel. (301) 594-4798

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Last Reviewed
July 2018