NIDCR at USA Science & Engineering Festival

NIDCR and other NIH components engaged with thousands of visitors at the 2018 USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo, held April 6 - 8, 2018, at the Walter E Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. 

NIDCR's Exhibit: Bacteria, Brushing, and Biosensors

Bacteria and biosensor.

We can't see them, but bacteria are all around us, on us, and in us, including in our mouths. Scientists can use special tools called biosensors to detect them. Biosensors can also be used for evaluating oral and overall health.

Visitors to the NIDCR booth participated in an interactive, hands-on experiment to measure bacterial contamination on model teeth using a biosensor. Overall, attendees learned how prevalent bacteria are in our world and how removing bacteria from teeth with regular tooth brushing can keep our mouths healthy. 

Learn about this and other NIH activities at the NIH Pavilion.

Event Photos

Children use large toothbrushes to clean large plastic teeth
NIDCR scientist demonstrates a biosensor to two children
Families at NIDCR exhibit
Children at NIDCR exhibit
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