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<p>Matthew P. Hoffman, BDS, PhD, who is a senior investigator and chief of the Matrix and Morphogenesis Section in the Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Biology (LCDB) in NIDCR’s Division of Intramural Research, has been appointed the Division’s deputy scientific director.</p>
As part of the budget planning process for Fiscal Year 2018, NIDCR is identifying topical themes for development into research initiatives. During this process, we welcome input from our scientific advisory boards, the extramural community, interested organizations, and the public at large.
Maintaining the body’s barrier defenses at sites such as the skin and mucosal surfaces is critical for health and survival. These barriers are continually exposed to foreign substances and infectious agents, and are home to a diverse array of commensal microbes—microorganisms that cause no harm and are part of the normal flora.

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