Office of Administrative Management

The Office of Administrative Management (OAM) provides leadership, direction, planning and coordination of NIDCR administrative management activities, including the areas of financial management, R&D acquisition management, management analysis, human resource-related activities, information technology, and general administration; advises the Director, Deputy Director, Division Directors, and other key officials on ethics, managerial and administrative matters affecting the planning and execution of NIDCR programs; interprets, analyzes, and implements legislation and/or Departmental and NIH directives affecting administrative policies, orders and new concepts affecting the overall mission of the NIDCR; ensures Institute compliance with all applicable administrative regulations; develops policies, guidelines, and procedures on matters relating to the administrative management activities of the Institute; and serves as the Institute focal point for the coordination, preparation, and analysis of a wide variety of programmatic reports and other documents associated with NIH, DHHS, and other Federal agencies.