Office of Communications & Health Education

The Office of Communications and Health Education (OCHE) develops, implements, and evaluates the institute’s science, health, and digital communication programs. These programs are designed to promote the timely transfer of knowledge gained from research and its implications for health to researchers, health professionals, patients, the general public, and the media.

OCHE's Science Communication and Digital Outreach Branch develops and disseminates information on NIDCR-supported research; coordinates media training for scientific staff; handles media relations; conducts customer satisfaction research and digital analytics to guide website/social media strategy and measure effectiveness; and manages the NIDCR website, social media, and related content and policies. 

The Health Information and Public Liaison Branch manages the institute's public inquiry and exhibit programs; conducts audience research to guide health professional, patient, and public education; develops, tests, and disseminates oral health information; translates and adapts oral health content for people with limited English proficiency; and coordinates the institute’s language access activities.