Announcement: NIDCR Supplement to the Journal of Public Health Dentistry on Behavioral and Social Intervention Research Essentials

Public Health Dentistry

NIDCR is pleased to announce the publication of the NIDCR Supplement to the Journal of Public Health Dentistry on behavioral and social intervention research essentials. This issue highlights several important areas that are crucial to high quality behavioral and social intervention research. It is our hope that readers will find this to be a valuable tool in developing research proposals, enhancing existing intervention research studies, and making today’s intervention studies more informative for the next generation of research. Articles highlight:

  • PRECEDE-PROCEED and the importance of using intervention planning models
  • The role of health behavior theory in developing interventions
  • Mediators, moderators, and testing for mechanisms of action
  • The importance of fidelity adherence and monitoring in different stages of research
  • Determining feasibility and acceptability of interventions to the target populations
  • Studying the sustainability of interventions as part of a larger program of research
  • Assessing intervention sustainability through cost-utility and economic analyses

Each manuscript is followed by brief commentary from additional experts in the field. Access to this supplement is free for the first year of publication. To view the special journal issue, please visit the Wiley website. ​​​

Last Reviewed
July 2018