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Praveen R. Arany, B.D.S., M.D.S., M.M.Sc., Ph.D.

Praveen R. Arany, B.D.S., M.D.S., M.M.Sc., Ph.D.Assistant Clinical Investigator
Cell Regulation and Control Unit

BETHESDA MD  20892-4240

Phone: (301) 496-3561
Fax: (301) 480-1881

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Praveen Arany received his B.D.S (Dentistry) and M.D.S. (Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in India, M.M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. He also has certificates in clinical research from Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health. He did postdoctoral training at the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda and Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cambridge.

Research Interests/Scientific Focus

Dr. Arany's scientific interests have focused on the role of growth factor signaling in wound healing and regeneration. His lab attempts to identify key biological regulatory components that can be used in clinical studies to control biological outcomes. His lab uses a range of cell and molecular biology tools in tissue culture and scaffold-based model systems. Further, a large emphasis is placed on validation in animal models and moving them forward into human clinical studies. 

Selected Publications

  1. Hall BE, Wankhade UD, Konkel JE, Cherukuri K, Nagineni CN, Flanders KC, Arany PR, Chen W, Rane SG and Kulkarni AB TGF-β3 knock-in ameliorates inflammation due to TGF-β1 deficiency while promoting glucose tolerance J. Biol. Chem.2013 PMID:24056369
  2. Bencherif SA, Sands WR, Bhatta D, Arany P, Verbeke CS, Edwards DA and Mooney DJ. Injectable preformed scaffolds with shape-memory properties. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 2012, 27; 109; 48; 19590-19595 PMID:23150549
  3. Arany PR. Photobiomodulation: Poised form the Fringes Photomed Laser Surg. 2012, 30; 9:507-509. PMID:22779706
  4. Kim WS, Mooney D, Arany PR, Lee K, Huebsch N, Kim J. Adipose Tissue Engineering using injectable, oxidized alginate hydrogels. Tissue Eng Part A. 2012, Apr;18 (7-8): 737-743. PMID: 22011105
  5. Chen AC*, Arany PR*, Tompkinson EM, Saleem T, Mooney DJ, Yull FE, Blackwell TS, Hamblin MR. Low level light therapy activates NF-kB via generation of reactive oxygen species in mouse embryonic fibroblasts. PLOS One 2011;6(7):e22453 (*Equal contributions) PMID:21814580
  6. Arany PR and Mooney DJ. At the edge of translation - Materials to program cells for directed differentiation. Oral Diseases 2011, 17; 3; 241-251 PMID: 20860763
  7. Huesbsch N, Arany PR, Mao A, Rivera-Feliciano J and Mooney DJ. Extracellular Matrix Mechanics Affect Stem Cell Lineage in 3D by Controlling Integrin Binding. Nature Materials 2010; 9; 518-526. PMID:20418863
  8. Cao L, Arany PR, Kim J, Rivera-Feliciano J, Wang YS, Zhiheng He, Rask-Madsen C, King GL and Mooney DJ. Modulating Notch Signaling to Enhance Neovascularization and Reperfusion in Diabetic Mice Biomaterials 2010; 31; 34; 9048-56. PMID:20800279 PMID:20800279
  9. Clune JE, Mulliken JB, Glowacki J, Rogers GF, Arany PR, Kulungowski AM and Greene AK. Inlay Cranioplasty - An experimental comparison of particulate versus bone dust. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2010; 126, 4, 1311-1319. PMID: 20885252
  10. Arany PR, Flanders KC, DeGraff W, Cook J, Mitchell JB and Roberts AB. Absence of Smad3 confers radioprotection through modulation of ERK MAPK in primary dermal fibroblasts. Journal of Dermatological Science 2007; 48; 1; 35-42. PMID:17624738
  11. Arany PR, Nayak RS, Hallikerimath S, Limaye AM, Kale AD and Kondaiah P. Activation of Latent TGF-β1 by low power laser in vitro correlates with increased TGF-β1 levels in laser enhanced oral wound healing. Wound Repair and Regeneration 2007; 15; 6; 866-874. PMID:18028135
  12. Arany PR, Flanders KC, Kobayashi T, Kuo CK, Stuelten CH, Desai K, Tuan R, Rennard SI and Roberts AB. Smad3 deficiency alters key structural elements of the extracellular matrix and the mechanotransduction of wound closure. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 2006, 103; 24; 9250-9255. PMID:16754864


  • Laser mediated Dentinogenesis (Filed March 2011)
  • Spatiotemporal scaffold designs for morphogens fields (Filed June 2011)
  • Light-actuated protein nanoparticles for therapy (Filed April 2012)
  • Photoactivated gold nanoparticles for cancer therapy (Filed June 2012)

Complete CV [PDF - 72 KB]​

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