Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation Access (OTTIA)


OTTIA is the technology transfer office at NIDCR. We improve public health by facilitating translation of research into practical benefits.  We explore and form partnerships through a variety of avenues:

  • License agreements facilitate product development and sales from NIDCR inventions.
  • CRADA and Research Collaboration Agreements provide access to NIDCR research resources and—for CRADAs--opportunities to negotiate exclusive licenses on inventions arising from the project.
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements help parties explore mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • Material Exchange Agreements enable new hypothesis to be formulated and tested, facilitate validation of results, and create opportunities to build upon a providing scientist’s success.

We promote further research on projects of interest to NIDCR investigators. Material exchanges with extramural scientists and for-profit companies heighten the impact of NIDCR research, enabling new hypothesis to be formulated and tested. NIDCR research is evaluated for possible inventions and potential licensees are identified.

Our office works closely with other institutes within the NIH to ensure consistent application and promotion of NIH policies. 

Staff Contacts

Dr Vladimir Knezevic, MD
NIDDK Building 12A, Room 3011
12 South Dr, Bethesda MD 20892

Dr. Jamie Kugler, PhD
Technology Development Coordinator
NIDCR Building 30, Room 5A505
30 Convent Dr, Bethesda MD 20892
(301) 594-0320

Last Reviewed
December 2023