Kenneth Goldberg, D.M.D., Edgewater, NJ


How has joining the PBRN benefitted you professionally?

Participating in the PBRN has been one of the highlights of my career. I’ve been in private practice for about 45 years, and I’ve previously considered research to be very removed from the practicality of real-world dentistry. I’ve developed a much greater appreciation for the research by seeing how meticulous and demanding the process is.

How has the PBRN experience benefitted you specifically in providing patient care?

I’ve become a more astute consumer of dental research. This puts me in a better position to analyze the latest research and make it available to my patients.

Has it been difficult to integrate the PBRN studies into a busy dental practice?

Developing a structure to process the additional patients requires an organizational approach not specific to a working dental practice. However, the PBRN staff has been extremely supportive and available. With various site visits, they were able to train my staff to manage the patient flow and additional paperwork. You would be surprised at the number of patients willing to participate in dental research studies when they are properly presented.

Kenneth Goldberg, D.M.D.
Admirality Dental Association, PA
Edgewater, NJ

Last Reviewed
July 2018