Veterinary Resources Core (VRC)

Lauren Davidson, DVM, MS


The function of the VRC is to provide husbandry, veterinary care, research technical support, assistance in the writing of Animal Study Protocols, and education and assistance regarding interpretations of animal use regulations, and health and safety policies.


The VRC is located in the basement level of Building 30 on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. 

Animal Shipping

Shipping requests are initiated by the NIDCR investigator via an online shipping request within NIDCR.  NIDCR animal imports and exports including animal transfers within NIH are coordinated through the VRC office.  Shipping questions may be directed to the shipping coordinator, Rebecca Martinez  .

The Material Transfer Agreement for the Transfer of Organisms (MTA-TO) should be used when exchanging genetically modified mice and involves a process separate from the shipping request.  See the Intramural Technology Transfer Office.

Last Reviewed
July 2018