Research Opportunities at National Dental PBRN

COVID-19 Research Opportunities

The National Dental Practice Based Dental Network (PBRN) is a group of practicing dentists who conduct impactful research in oral health. Dental practices are an ideal setting for identifying trends and studying effectiveness and potential benefits of dental care delivery strategies in “real-world” populations. Thanks to NIDCR's long-term investment in the National Dental PBRN, the network was well-positioned to quickly mobilize and support essential COVID-19 research.

In response to the pandemic, NIDCR strengthened support to the PBRN through two overarching grants. One award (National Dental PBRN: Coordinating Center, COVID Admin Supplement) funds the PBRN so it can fully support NIDCR-funded studies related to COVID-19. The second award (National Dental PBRN Administrative & Resource Center) continues funding the Center for Health Research (CHR) Coordinating Center, which provides scientific, technical and operational support to NIDCR-funded COVID-19 research projects and maintains the network membership database.

Many studies are being conducted in the National Dental PBRN. For more information, see Rapid Funding for COVID-19 Research and the PBRN Grant Applicants page.


Last Reviewed
March 2021